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Monday, November 23, 2009

Magic Jack Internet Phone, Some Things You Should Know

The Magic Jack internet phone is a small device called a dongle, a small hardware device with the software that will install itself when plugged into a computer through a powered USB 2.0 port. This will bring up and start the registration process where you will setup your phone number, Email address for voice mails and 911information.

With a Magic Jack you will be able to make unlimited local and long distance calls for free in the U.S. and Canada. International calls can be purchased in the way of minutes. A list of rates can be found on the magic Jack website.


When ordering the Magic Jack the initial cost for the dongle and the first year of service is only $39.95plus tax and $19.95 a year thereafter. You can also get a five year deal at an even further savings which works out to be around $11.99 a year. That’s less then a dollar a month.


Setup cant be easier, just plug your Magic Jack into a open USB port on your computer and the software will start automatically, you will then be prompted to setup your account – selecting area code, phone number and so on. Now plug your phone into the Magic Jack just as you would your wall mount jack to your old land line and place calls.

Magic Jack 30 Day Free Trail:

People who have purchased the Magic Jack were led to believe that there would not be a fee taken from their account until after 30 day free trail was up. They were shocked to see that the fee was taken out of their accounts shortly after the transaction was made, They were not aware of how this transaction works.

What is happening here is the debit or credit cards that are used, will put a hold on the amount of purchase, which is subtracted from the account right away, causing possible overdrafts. The money is subtracted and is in a hold within the account until the 30 days is up, thus protecting the merchant from the lack of funds after 30 days. This guarantees that the money is there and will be there when the time of the promotion is up.

The money is not gone but it is also not available for anything else. If a customer decides not to keep the Magic Jack and returns it within the 30 days, then the hold is lifted and the money is simply returned to the account.

Magic Jack Customer Service:

Magic does not have a phone number to contact customer service, the Magic Jack customer service is in form of chat format. This has it advantages and disadvantages. Simply if your problem is of a fairly minor issue it can be solve quickly because there is only seconds before you are chatting with customer support as apposed of what you go through trying to connect to a real person on a phone. You know what I mean here.

If you have an issue you can go to the Magic Jack website to access their customer services chat simply by;

1. On the main page towards the bottom in blue link text you will see FAQ/Knowledgebase Customer Care / Live Agent Reviews.

2. Click on Customer Care / Live Agent.

3. On the customer care page you will find customer care at the top to the right – Get Live Help In Seconds – click here.

4. At the bottom after a list of common issues you will find a button marked – To Reach a Live agent Click here.

5. At the tope you can type in a question and click search to reach a live agent.

From here you will instantly be in contact with a customer service agent (Not a Technician) but an agent that will try and help you resolve your issues by referring to list of issues and fix’s. One advantage is there is little waiting time in contacting a customer service agent. A lot of minor issues can be resolved quite easily. The disadvantage is with real technical issues, which is usually more computer issues then Magic Jack issues. It just seems that Magic Jack is limited on the help it offeres for these type of issues.